Long Term Athlete Development  LTAD Guide for Coaches and Clubs

Code of Conduct GERCKC-SACKC Athlete code of conduct

Cold Weather Training  Policy of on-water training in cold weather

Bantam Weekly Training Schedule 2020-Bantam-Schedule

Regatta Schedule 2022 GERCKC – Canoe Kayak Regatta Schedule


Training Diet / Racing Preparation

The training diet for a paddler is focused on fuelling for training and
recovering appropriately prior to the next training session. Energy
requirements tend to be high due to the need to maintain a high level
of muscularity and the volume and frequency of training. However,
it is often difficult to juggle the energy needs around a busy training,
work or study schedule.

GERCKC – Nutritional-Guidelines-Tips by Zak_updated August 2021

Nutrition Pre and Post Racing

Nutrition for the athlete

Canoe Sprint Racing focus plan

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